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iPET Network Level 2 Award in Responsible Dog Ownership

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With dog ownership in the UK at an all-time high, the iPET Network Level 2 Award in Responsible Dog Ownership has been developed for those who are looking to own a dog, possibly for the first time, or those who already own a dog and want to learn more about their responsibilities as a dog owner. Completion of this qualification provides an excellent platform for progression into dog ownership and/or completing further study in the canine and feline sector. 

The qualification has been developed in collaboration with animal care educators, veterinary professionals and other related canine industry experts to ensure that it meets the needs of current and future dog owners, driving forward improved standards of welfare, care and responsibility.

The qualification offers an in-depth look at how to correctly match a dog to an owner to ensure a lasting relationship, understanding the importance of obtaining a dog from an appropriate source. It offers an overview of the law in relation to dog ownership, enabling owners to fully appreciate their responsibilities and develops understanding of the general care and health requirements of dogs throughout all stages of their lives.  

Candidates who complete this qualification will be able to:

- Confidently choose a suitable pet dog based on a range of dog and owner-related factors

- Obtain a pet dog from a reputable source 

- Understand the law as it relates to dog ownership

- Understand how to maintain the health of their dog, both at home and with veterinary support

- Recognise the basic care needs of their dog, how these needs change throughout the dog’s lifetime and how to accommodate these requirements

The iPET Network Level 2 Award in Responsible Dog Ownership consists of four mandatory units:

Unit 207: Choosing a Suitable Pet Dog (1 credit)

Unit 208: Dog Ownership and the Law (1 credit)

Unit 209: Canine Preventative Health Care (1 credit)

Unit 210: Canine Life Stage Care (1 credit)

The completion of the qualification is all online with the support of a tutor along with the resources created on our E-Portfolio system.

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