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Groom Your Own Dog - £250


This course is for either pet owners who wish to learn how to groom their own dog or for people who wish to get a taster before committing to one of the longer courses.

You will be taught how to groom your pet from start to finish. Even after this course if you decide not to clip/scissor your dog yourself, you will have learnt how to carry out health checks, look after your dog’s coat in-between grooms, providing them with a knot free and healthy coat. Therefore, making their visit to the groomers more pleasant and enjoyable which benefits the health and wellbeing of your dog.

All students will be provided with notes, take before and after pictures and all equipment and overalls will be supplied.

The course will cover:-

  • Health checks

  • Bathing and drying techniques

  • Clipping/scissoring or stripping techniques appropriate to your breed

Entry requirements:-

  • Owners are required to bring their own dog


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