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Level 2 Award in Canine Nutrition
Remote Study - £365

The iPET Network Level 2 Introduction in Canine Nutrition qualification provides a foundational understanding of essential principles in dog nutrition. Geared towards individuals with a passion for canine well-being, this course delves into key aspects of nutrition, covering topics such as dietary requirements, nutrient sources, and the impact of nutrition on a dog’s overall health. Participants gain insights into tailoring diets to specific breeds, ages, and health conditions, fostering a comprehensive comprehension of canine nutritional needs. With a focus on practical applications, this qualification equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed dietary choices for dogs, promoting their optimal health and longevity. Aspiring professionals in the field of pet care will find this introductory level invaluable for laying the groundwork in canine nutrition.

This course is remote study. You will be provided with a course handbook to help you with the questions and a login to our eportfolio system where you will be required to upload all your answers. 
The course should be finished in 6 months from the start date. 
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